Net Zero & Textiles: Industry attitudes and challenges
“Net Zero is a significant opportunity for our sector. This survey and its associated report provide our industry with the chance to benchmark current progress, as well as set out and identify the challenges which lie ahead.”

This research explores attitudes towards net zero in the textiles industry, and identifies the key challenges faced as well as offering a series of recommendations for stakeholders moving forwards. This report a critical reading for c-suite members of the textiles profession, as well as stakeholders eager to understand sustainability and net zero challenges within textiles organisations. Our survey results provide crucial insight into the current landscape and progress towards net zero within textiles.

Topics covered include:

  • Sustainability budgets
  • Net zero targets
  • Barriers to net zero
  • Environmental impacts on organisations
  • External issues impacting business
  • Challenges to net zero and overcoming these
  • Net zero skills gap
  • Key takeaways and recommendations

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