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The journey to Net Zero is a challenge for us all. The Zero Carbon Academy will assist you in that journey, with relevant, pragmatic support that works for you and your business. Through carefully structured courses, filtered information and updates, and access to a network of like-minded professionals, the Zero Carbon Academy will help enable you to build and deliver your Net Zero plans.

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The Zero Carbon Academy approach

The Zero Carbon Academy provides practical support and inspiration to assist you in your journey to Net Zero.


The Zero Carbon Academy will offer a series of online courses to give you the knowledge and insight that you need. You will learn from best practice in your sector and beyond. You'll be challenged by leading tutors, and you'll work alongside like-minded professionals from around the world.


The Zero Carbon Academy will bring insights and updates to all your devices. Experts and analysts will keep you informed, and we'll use AI to filter out the noise and bring you the data and commentary you need to make sound business decisions.


You do not have to travel to zero carbon alone. The Zero Carbon Academy will connect you with fellow professionals from around the world. Together, you will work through and learn from our courses. You'll stay connected and share insights as you make progress in your own journey.

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