Industry leaders Mondra & Manufacture 2030 announce a new partnership to streamline carbon reporting in the grocery sector

Mondra & Manufacture 2030, two of the UK’s biggest carbon reporting systems, have announced a new partnership which will simplify carbon reporting and management for those operating in the food & drink industry.
June 13, 2024

Collaborating to reduce carbon emissions

Two of the leading carbon reporting and reduction platforms in the UK food & drink sector have announced that they will go into partnership. Mondra and Manufacture 2030 have said that collaboration between the pair will ‘create a new level of interoperability’ across their carbon reporting and reduction software tools, as well as reduce strain on supply chain partners by limiting the need for multiple data entry requests[i].

Mondra, which is an AI-powered SaaS platform, is already working with over 85% of the UK grocery sector as part of a landmark deal with the BRC announced late last year. It has set out to help measure and improve the environmental performance of products, as well as reduce Scope 3 emissions through scaled product footprinting. Participants include Tesco, M&S, Co-op, Ocado Retail, ASDA, Lidl, Sainsbury’s, Starbucks, and Nando’s.

Similarly, Manufacture 2030 has an established collaboration with 10 of the UK’s largest grocery retailers, and its carbon reduction platform is used by thousands of manufacturers in more than 88 countries to help measure, manage, and reduce their environmental impacts.

Industry aims to transition to net zero by 2040

Since the BRC committed to reaching net zero by 2040, grocers and their supply chain partners have been under increased pressure to deliver carbon data on a more granular level. Back in 2020, 63 businesses including Aldi, Asos, Kingfisher and Primark committed to the BRC’s Climate Action Roadmap which seeks to deliver net zero by 2040, as well as decarbonise stores by 2030, deliveries by 2035, and products by 2040[ii].

Now, with numerous requests for data hitting suppliers from different retailers, many are frustrated by the increase in pace and demand. It is therefore hoped that the deal between Mondra & Manufacture 2030 will see carbon reporting and management process for grocers, brand owners, and their supply chain partners greatly streamlined, aiding them as the sector transitions towards net zero.

Founder of Mondra Jason Barrett has said:

“Mondra and M2030 have shared missions, and common customers so it makes a huge amount of sense to unite our solutions, ensuring interoperability and easing the burden of data sharing across thousands of food supply chain actors.  The real win here is the opportunity to enrich data, enhance the improvement insights and accelerate the job of decarbonising supply chains as the sector transitions to Net Zero.”[iii]

Florence Batten-Turner, Head of Retail Partnerships at Manufacture 2030 added:

“We are thrilled to join forces with Mondra to tackle our shared mission of decarbonizing the UK grocery sector. Through our collaboration, we reduce the reporting asks of suppliers in the grocery supply chain, allowing them to focus on taking the necessary actions to reduce their environmental impact and operate more efficiently.”[iv]

In a press release the two brands explained that while both systems will continue to operate independently, the new interoperability functions between M2030 and Mondra will reduce and simplify the need for multiple rekeying requests across the grocery supply chain. It will also provide a holistic overview of all GHG (greenhouse gas) data within a single interface that grocers and brand owners can use to measure and prioritise action across the board.


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