Founding members of eFREIGHT 2030 announced as the sector looks to accelerate the decarbonise of freight

Thirteen founding members of eFREIGHT 2030 have been revealed, with participants including Welch’s Transport, Marks & Spencer, and DAF Trucks. The consortium hopes to advance decarbonisation within the freight sector by encouraging a switch to zero-emissions HGVs.
June 6, 2024

eFREIGHT 2030 founding members revealed as the sector looks to bolster decarbonisation efforts

The thirteen founding members of eFREIGHT 2030 have been announced, including Maritime Transport, Welch’s Transport, retailer Marks & Spencer, vehicle manufacturers DAF Trucks, Renault Trucks and Scania; as well as charging hub owner and operator, Fleete Group. The consortium has been formed to support the UK Government’s target of phasing out sales of HGVs which are not zero emissions by 2040. The scheme is backed by funding from the Department for Transport and Innovate UK.

On the announcement, former Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, and now Chairman of the eFREIGHT 2030 consortium, Sir Vince Cable said:

“We are delighted to announce the line-up of the eFREIGHT 2030 founding members. Each member has a longstanding history and experience in transport and logistics and is contributing significantly to the consortium’s shared vision to demonstrate how eHGVs can replace conventional HGVs at scale using British technology.”[i]

He added:

“The bringing together of so much operational and technical experience within the eFREIGHT 2030 consortium offers a unique opportunity to decarbonise the road freight transport sector in the coming months and years. We look forward to sharing many specific examples as the programme advances.”[ii]

The businesses involved are aiming to introduce 100 electric HGVs and 32 new charging locations collectively across the UK in the coming years, and they also hope to energise the wider industry into following suit. To do so, eFREIGHT 2030 has reserved a number of vehicles for shorter term use by associate members of the consortium. Through this scheme smaller operators will be able to test and evaluate electric HGVs on a short-term basis, before making longer-term decisions on permanent fleet replacement[iii].

Late last year eFREIGHT was named as one of the recipients of the UK Governments £200 million funding pot created specifically to help increase the number of zero emission trucks on the nation’s roads.[iv] At the time of the scheme's announcement, the government stressed the importance of the funding, stating that HGVs presently account for a fifth (20%) of all transport emissions in the UK.

The funding is being invested across 4 innovative green projects, which together will roll out up to 370 zero emission HGVs and help set road freight on the path towards net zero, driving innovation and creating new jobs, it is hoped. Further, the zero emission HGV and infrastructure demonstrator programme will also deliver around 57 refueling and electric charging sites, providing the crucial infrastructure to help the haulage sector decarbonise.


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