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The needs of a green transition

As concerns surrounding the usage of fossil fuels and climate change mount, governments are setting increasingly stringent emissions-reducing targets, which ultimately require a significant overhaul of current operations and working practices. Tooling this workforce appropriately to meet the demand for change is presenting itself as a tremendous problem, analogous to a green 'industrial revolution', as green technologies advance and the world works to achieve a low-carbon future. These changes in processes and new business models will demand new or different skill sets.

The three main ways that the shift to a green economy affects the necessary skills are as follows:

  • Demand for some tasks rises due to structural changes, while demand for others declines.
  • New skill profiles, credentials, and training frameworks are required because new economic activity generates new jobs.
  • Many current occupations and industries will see a change in the kind of tasks performed, making changes to the existing training and qualification frameworks for these jobs necessary.

It is crucial to understand that theavailability of green jobs and skills shouldn't be seen as specialised orrestricted to specific industries. Every career has the potential to become 'green',and a wide range of skills will aid the shift to a net zero economy as theworld works to combat climate change.

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