Lauren Foye

Head of Reports, Zero Carbon Academy
Simon Graham

Chief Knowledge Officer, Zero Carbon Academy

Oliver Gadsby

Executive Chair, Zero Carbon Academy

Emily Serwadczak

Administrator, Zero Carbon Academy

Oscar Pusey

Research Analyst, Zero Carbon Academy

Steve Ayres

Chief Technology Officer, Zero Carbon Academy

An experienced technology professional with a specific focus on data and analysis for over 20 years; focused on helping businesses gain competitive advantage from data and reporting. At the forefront of realising and developing modern cloud-based data strategies to deliver significant business change, with an ability to translate high-level business problems and challenges into transformation activities that will unlock business value.

Experience covering all facets of BI stacks and all major Cloud providers, having developed roadmaps covering concept to delivery of many data automation, integration, analysis and reporting projects across different industries. Delivered projects and strategies to many multinationals, including Goldman Sachs, Prudential, Citigroup, Standard and Poors, AXA Assistance, Ikea, Nike, Charles Schwab and more.